Directional drilling

Each auger drilling operation begins with a pilot drilling performed in a straight line with the maximum possible precision.

The pilot drilling is made with thin rods with a diameter of 88 to 127 mm. Pilot rods ensure the right direction of drilling.

Then the borehole is widened by means of a reamer or a drilling head driven by the drilling rig.

After the drilling rods, a larger diameter pipe is pushed in, and the soil that gets into it is removed outside using augers.

Simultaneously with the drilling, a casing pipe is pushed in, which prevents the walls of the hole from sliding. After drilling the hole, the casing pipe either stays in the ground, or the final working pipe, e.g. stoneware pipe, is pushed in its place.

Auger drilling is a multi-stage but extremely precise process that does not cause soil displacement. The right choice of tools allows you to carry out work in almost any soil except rocky land. In terms of precision, the auger drilling method is unmatched. Due to the complexity of the process of drilling, the key to efficient and quick performance of works is the proper organization of the crew’s work. Under this condition, it is one of the most universal methods of trenchless pipe installation.

Pushing and rotating pilot rods (guidance with tele-optical guidance system)

Drilling with augers and pushing steel casing pipes (in light and moderate soils)

Drilling with an expandable drilling head and pushing steel casing pipes (in hard soils)

Drilling with an expandable drilling head and pushing steel casing pipes (in hard soils)

Drilling with an expandable drilling head and pushing steel casing pipes (in hard soils)

Pulling out casing pipes and pulling in PE pipes

Drilling with mechanized hydraulically-driven reamer

  • pushing steel casing pipe
  • pushing drilling pipes having a diameter of øD


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