Who are we?

We are on the market for over 20 years.

We are experts in selecting the right technology for
execution of any trenchless project.
We have the best offer for equipment and tools for auger drilling and hydraulic jacking for tiny diameters, medium and even extra large diameters. If you are dealing with Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD), you are welcome to check out our offer of used equipment, Locating Systems, bentonite and PE pipes, and if we don’t have what you are looking for, just write to us and we will get it for you. Apart from supplying equipment we take responsibility for training your crew and executing first job with the newly purchased equipment in compliance with the best practices in trenchless industry. Our key advantage is our know-how in selecting the proper technology to accomplish any project successfully. We have the best offer on the market for new equipment directly from the manufacturer, and if you are looking for second-hand equipment, we will obtain quotations, negotiate and find you the full set of machines and instruments that you need.

*Please keep in mind that we are an exclusive dealer of a number of manufacturers, which gives us a significant edge in terms of price. Our experience allows us to deal smoothly with many obstacles encountered by first time buyers.

Our mission

We give you the best offer on the market for both new and used equipment.

We have the best and most comprehensive offer for equipment for trenchless technologies.
We execute all projects using trenchless technologies. We have professional pipe jacking and drilling equipment at our yard. Some of this equipment we offer for sale and for rent.


NODIGMARKET24 is first of all a well-organized team of professionals in the area of trenchless technologies.

Damian Sobczak, B.Eng.

Founder & CEO – Specialist in trenchless passages and mechatronics  

Since 1997 occupied strictly with trenchless projects. Directly involved in construction of pipelines using many different methods. Starting from manual ground piercing, then moling, hydraulic-driven static pipe jacking, ramming steel pipes, pipe bursting, HDD, gravity sewers installed with auger drilling and microtunelling.

Laureate of many awards and diplomas. In 2009 he developed a TSN-02 Optical Navigation System for auger drilling with many units deployed worldwide.

Expert in valuation of drilling equipment with over 20 years of experience. Expert reports and independent reviews in many areas related to trenchless technologies.


phone: (+48) 514-611-415
e-mail: damian.nodigmarket24.com.pl

Alex Kazanski

Manager – public relations.

Responsible for quotations, technical documentation, visual communication and customer service with Russian and English -speaking customers. Takes care of company image and marketing. Alex excels at remembering large amounts of data.

His other skills are videomaking, drawing and 3D design. Gets awarded on regular basis for developing and implementing modern solutions in trenchless industry.


phone: XXX XXX XXX
e-mail: aleksander@nodigmarket24.com

Apart from sales we provide post-sale service: we train crews, oversee and instruct during commissioning, evaluate the state and price of machinery, perform service and repairs such as overhauls and modernization of equipment.
We work in the field in any location on Earth, wherever there is drilling, pipe bursting, CIPP or any other trenchless job.


This is full spectrum of services offered by our team.

Technical service

Our service team is available 24 hours a day in any place on Earth. We train crews, oversee and instruct during commissioning, evaluate the state and price of machinery, perform service and repairs such as overhauls and modernization of equipment.

Construction services

We perform construction of all types of pipeline networks using trenchless technologies. Broad range of equipment and professional team with many years of experience - those are our advantages that let us accomplish even the most challenging tasks in the toughest geological conditions possible.


We aim to satisfy the needs of our Customers and and to fulfill their expectations, that is why we not only sell, but also rent equipment.


We provide support in the form of training covering all scope of technologies and equipment used and promoted by our company. The training are carried out in any country.

We invite you to get acquainted with our offer!

We have the best and most comprehensive offer for equipment for trenchless technologies. We have both new and used equipment. Please take your time and examine our offer, we are here to answer any of your questions.



Integrity Certificate (Rzetelna Firma 2019)

We support ethical behaviour in business.
Prize granted by: President of the Board - National Register of Debtors (KRD). Bureau of Economic Information

EUREKA 2017 Prize

Award granted in category: INNOVATIVE PRODUCT OF THE YEAR 2017 -TSN-02 Optical Navigation System
Prize granted by:
Emilia Kuliczkowska, Ph.D. D.Sc. Eng. - Chair of Organization Committee, Andrzej Kuliczkowski, Ph.D. D.Sc. Eng. - Professor, Trenchless Technologies

TYTAN 2017 Prize

The TYTAN Award is granted by the quarterly "Trenchless Engineering” ("Inżynieria Bezwykopowa”) and an outstanding group of Jury made up of representatives of the world of science and industry associations.

TSN-02 Optical Navigation System - Optical navigation system for auger drilling rigs. It ensures maximum precision and makes it possible to install a straight-line gravity sewer. Increase the length of pilot drilling by even 50%. Make a pilot drilling for gravity sewer with the precision of 2 mm / 100 m

Prize granted by:
INŻYNIERIA sp. z o.o. Publishing House Committee consisting of: Andrzej Kolonko, PhD. Eng., of Wroclaw Institute of Technology
Paweł Kośmider, Msc. Eng. from the "Trenchless Engineering” quarterly
Professor Marian Kwietniewski, Ph.D. from the Warsaw University of Technology
Professor Cezary Madryas, PhD. Eng. - Rector of the Wrocław University of Technology
Florian Piechurski, PhD. Eng. from the Silesian University of Technology
Teresa Nowak, PhD. Eng. from the University of Zielona Góra
Karol Ryż, PhD. Eng. from the AGH University of Science and Technology
Professor Adam Wysokowski, PhD. Eng. from the University of Zielona Góra
Dariusz Zwierzchowski, PhD. Eng., from the Higher Engineering School of Safety and Work Organization (WISBIOP).

Letter of Approval from Russia, 2015

A special distinction for the maximum and unique accuracy of drilling for gravity sewer installations in the territory of Russia using own patented TSN-02 Optical Navigation System
Granted by:
The Board of the Geodinamica LLC, a company in Russian Federation

NO-DIG POLAND 2012 certificate

Certificate of participation in training in trenchless technologies
Granted by:
Chair of Conference, Professor Andrzej Kuliczkowski, Ph.D. D.Sc. Eng.

Certificate of PE material welder course completion. Year 2000

January 2000 Certificate of completing the course of welding and contact welding of plastics.
Granted by:
The WELD-PLAST company

March 2010 Certificate of participation in the TB seminar

Granted by:
HEADS Sp. z o.o.

Expert 2016 Award for innovative device.

Construction of the Equipment ST-40 enabling replacement of Underground Pipes with the Utilization of Trenchless Technology.
Granted by: Polish Foundation for Trenchless Technologies

Contact details

Feel free to contact us!

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