Product characteristics

MNB-50 multifunctional drilling rig with radio locating system (option).

Technical features of the machine allow to make 120 m long pilot drills, pulling polyethylene pipes (PE), pulling short pipe modules, performing pipe bursting operations on pipes ranging from 32 to 350 mm in diameter.

The standard set includes 40 pcs. of 970 mm rods (40 meters), hydraulic power pack, reamers and pullers.

We provide theoretical and practical training covering the operation of the machine and locating system.

It is possible to power the machine from an excavator (option without Power Pack).

Additional downsized trench boxes are available. L = 2000 mm or 1500 mm.


  1. MNB-50 Directional pipe jacking machine with trench box
  2. Drilling rods L=1020 mm (working length 970mm) x 48 mm, 40 pcs. = 40 meters
  3. 17.7 kW Power Pack + 10 m hoses
  4. Instruments for reaming the hole and pulling PE pipes of diameters: 110 mm x 2
  5. SNS-2t radio locating system.

Delivery conditions

Lead time: <24 days from advance payment
Warranty: 12 months

Weight and dimensions of the equipment

Machine with trench box: weight 868 kg, 2750 × 920 × 1200 mm

Technical data and dimensions

Weight and dimensions of the machine with Trench Box

868 kg, 2748 × 920 × 1200 mm

Weight and dimensions of 17.7 kW Power Pack

270 kg (without working fluids), 1500 × 630 × 790 mm

Pulling force

500 kN

Machine pushing force

370 kN

Diameter of pipes that can be installed

32 – 350 mm

Typical diameters of pipelines to be replaced

32 – 350 mm – ceramics, concrete, cast iron

Maximum length of pipe section to be installed

150 m, depending on the soil conditions and diameter of the pipe

Maximum length of pipeline to be replaced by bursting

150 m

Machine’s working environment

water, sewerage (in flooded well), -20ºC / +40ºC

Hydraulic parameters:

Working pressure of hydraulic cylinders

up to 20 MPa

Output of hydraulic pump

up to 40 l/min


1. MNB-50 Directional pipe jacking machine with trench box - MNB50-00.000

The set includes: pipe jacking machine (trench box, frame, hydraulic cylinder), hydraulic manifolds, quick couplings, fixing elements etc. Operator’s Manual and other documents are in English (or your language).

The set includes all wrenches and instruments necessary for the proper operation of the machine.

Set of semicircular fixing elements for fixing the machine in a well.

2. Drilling rods with conical thread - HT.2001-08

The standard set includes 40 drilling rods, dimension length 1020 mm, working length 970 mm, diameter 48 mm.
Price of one rod: ask for quotation

3. 17.7 kW Hydraulic Power Pack - 1H.2001-01

Portable hydraulic power pack with a set of 10 meter hoses. The power pack is delivered dry, without fuel and hydraulic oil. The set includes instruments for operation and maintenance, first inspection set, Operator’s Manual for the engine in English, hydraulic and electric scheme. Operation is accomplished via remote (cable) control.

4. Drilling tools

4.1. Set of reamers to expand the hole:
4.1.1. Reamers 90, 127, 140, 170, 200, 220, 250 mm
4.2. Set of PE pipe pullers for diameters: 110 mm – 2 pcs.
4.2.1. Pullers 110 mm – 2 pcs.
4.3. Bursting heads for static pipe bursting

SNS-2t Radio Navigation System

The SNS-2t Navigation System was introduced to the market in 2018 and is and improved version of the SNS-200 and SNS PROn navigation systems.

It is a reliable and precise navigation system for directional drilling with multilingual documentation and interface.

The directional control in drilling is accomplished through placement of impulse generator in the drilling head. The impulse generator transmits the position, rotation, and inclination of the drilling head in real time.

SNS-2t navigation ensures drilling control at depths of up to 25 m.

Drilling technique for UM-20 Pipe Jacking Machine

The MNB-50 machine can be placed in a rectangular pit.

The first step is pilot drilling, which is accomplished by pushing drilling rods into the soil while controlling the direction with SNS navigation.

Next, the hole is expanded as required by pulling a series of reamers.

Finally, a new pipe is pulled into the hole.

This method of hydraulic jacking is useful for installing pipes under roads and railways without interference with the traffic and the road surface.

The precision of navigation is more than enough to install cables, pressure lines and even gravity sewers if the inclination is high enough.

This technology does not require using any drilling fluids therefore it can be applied in minus temperatures.

The advantages of hydraulic pipe jacking are simplicity, lack of vibration, very small size of excavation and negligible disruption of the surrounding area. The fact that no drilling fluid is necessary makes this method both ecological and robust in low temperatures.

Replacement of existing pipelines

The MNB-50 machine can also be used to replace fracturable old pipes by static pipe bursting, or by pulling a new pipe of smaller diameter into an existing old pipe.


Delivery, training, technical service

Standard delivery conditions: DDP, CPT, ex-works. We can quickly and reliably organize dispatch, customs clearance and delivery at your door or to your construction site. Average lead time is 30 days, and in case of spare parts up to 48 hours. We ensure full technical support, training, guarantee and post-guarantee service.

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