TSN Optical Navigation


TSN Optical Navigation

The TSN-02 Optical Navigation System was designed at NODIGMARKET24, based on many years of experience of the highly qualified founder of the company. The system has well thought-out solutions that improve the cycle of preparing the system for work, and at the same time it ensures unusually precise measurement and the possibility of making corrections in the performed pilot drilling. High-quality equipment allows you to generate high-quality images, which allows you to drill at long distances while maintaining the accuracy of the inclination of the drilling path.

The principle of operation of the Teleoptical System is based on the observation of the glowing LED target placed in the pilot head. The theodolite located in the initial excavation is positioned in the drilling rig axis, showing the drilling process in real time.

Theodolite was equipped with a modern mini-camera specially prepared for trenchless operations, rigidly placed directly behind the theodolite telescope, recording the image of the LED disk in relation to the theodolite crosshair. This image is displayed on a TFT LCD monitor mounted on the drilling rig.

Perform a pilot drilling for gravity sewer with an accuracy of 1.5 mm

1.5 mm – this is the precision, with which drilling can be performed when maintaining the appropriate navigation setting procedure. Thanks to a properly adapted geodetic theodolite for trenchless work, it is possible to achieve such a result. Theodolite was equipped with a gravitational inclinometer, which accurately determines the telescope’s inclination relative to gravity center of the Earth. Additional interference in the optical system of the device made the image extremely readable. The system does not require adjusting the focus of the camera, which means that the work goes surprisingly quickly and smoothly.

Accessories and features

• Theodolite after optical modification, with built-in gravity inclinometer
• Optical kit
• LCD TFT 7′ monitor in hermetic casing + remote control for adjustments
• LED target equipped with sensors informing the operator about hazards
• Automatic sleep mode of LED target when work needs to be suspended
• Electronic level
• Tool box with a set of necessary supporting elements
• Transport case for the whole set

Additional features (option)::

    • Image recording to SD card.
    • Current display of the distance at which the pilot head is located.
    • CCTV View on the Operator’s monitor of what is happening in the receiving pit (additional wireless camera)

Technical data


12/24 V DC

Power consumption

2-3A (depending on hardware configuration)




2,3 mm / 100 m


100 m

Real drilling distance

Depends on the drilling rig used, type
of pilot rods, soil conditions and the Operator’s skill.

Axial height adjustment range

500-1100 mm


Service, training and technical support

NODIGMARKET24 deals with manufacturing as well as service and training in the use of mechatronic devices. Using the latest technology in computer science, quantum mechanics, optics and magnetism. We are constantly developing our capabilities and introducing them to trenchless technologies. We provide our clients with full technical and training support.

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