VIS 350 - a cable length of 30m , the camera head is detachable / replaceable - PLN 11,700

Product description

The VIS 350 set, thanks to the small movable head, gives unexpected possibilities in video inspection of narrow pipes and thanks to the recording function, faults can be registered on an ongoing basis for later playback on the installed monitor or by sending data to a computer via a USB port.
With the help of accurate optics, you can locate scratches, damaged welds, blockages or improperly installed seals and record the place of damage to the memory card.

The camera head with a diameter of only Ø40 allows you to reach the most difficult places. In addition, it is possible to tilt from left to right by 180˚ and rotate 360˚.

The waterproof camera head enables inspection in sewage pipes and downpipes. The use of a 30mb fiberglass camera cable and a detachable head allows inspection of both vertical and horizontal sections. This model allows the use of an exchangeable head, e.g. a mini head only 26mm in diameter. The built-in extended length transducer transmits data with an accuracy of 0.04m directly to a color monitor. Thanks to this function it is not a problem to determine the fault location. Mobile, removable color
7 “TFT monitor provides excellent images in 16: 9 format. The head is controlled by means of large and legible buttons located under the camera monitor. The location of the fault can be documented by the possibility of recording. The comfort of work is additionally increased by two replaceable NiMH batteries that allow 1.5 hours of work without external power supply.

The whole is placed in a durable, reinforced two-layer plastic case.

The colorful, waterproof camera head Ø 40mm makes it work in many applications, both residential, industrial and commercial,
in cables from Ø 60mm.
360 ° rotatable and 180 ° swivel head lens, with additional lighting in the form
12 white LEDs, allow you to thoroughly examine the channel,
and in particular cracks, welds or seals.
The integrated video recording on the SD memory card makes
that every inspection can be documented and the fault location itself, thanks to the radio signal sent by the camera head – to locate quickly and efficiently
using the L200 locator.
The system is equipped with a new HOME function that resets the head to position the lens straight ahead.
A practical function is also to indicate on the monitor the degree of inclination of the camera head and the direction of travel, up or down the cable.

Control the camera with the keyboard

Versatile use
Fault location analysis and control:
• sewage pipes from Ø 70 mm
• house connections up to Ø 200 mm
• flue pipes from Ø 60mm
• ventilation ducts
• free spaces, suspended ceilings, shafts

When purchasing an additional head with a diameter of 26mm, inspection is possible for pipes from 40mm

• Wöhler VIS 350 service camera with digital trip meter
• colorful pan / tilt camera head Ø 40mm V2
• 30m fiberglass rod Ø 6.5mm
• TFT 7 “monitor with 2m cable (detachable)
• 4GB SD memory card for recording movies and photos

• mini USB cable
• anti-slip mat
• 2 batteries and a charger
• plastic case
• camera head lens cover
• roller guide
• centering brush

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